Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Little things

I love being a father! Since Joy came home from The Pampered Chef National Conference in Chicago, I've been feeding Joshua applesauce in the morning instead of Joy breast-feeding him. He can hardly keep himself from leaping out of his seat while I mix in his vitamins and when I start feeding him, he opens his mouth like a baby bird. Once he's calmed down a bit (either because he isn't so hungry anymore or he knows I'll continue feeding him), he hums to himself or babbles, "Ma ma ma!" He likes to lean way over so that there is a shorter distance from the cup to his mouth, and he gently places a hand on my knee.

I'm pretty certain that for Joshua, "Ma" means "food" and "Da" means "play". I suppose there isn't all that much else important for him right now.

He was so worn out from the heat when I got home last night, but he hadn't slept much. I pulled out his helmet so we could take a ride which seemed really exciting to him. He enjoys himself on our bike rides, but on the way home he got fussy. I think he fell asleep for a moment and woke up confused. Fortunately he calmed down when I got home and we snuggled on the hammock for a while.

Last night, he woke up a couple of times before Joy and I went to bed. He practically threw himself on the changing table and back in bed the first time. The second time I thought he desperately wanted to be held, but he just wanted the sippy cup I was holding for him. He broke down when I pulled it out of his hands to refill it after he'd sucked it dry. When he finished drinking, he raced all over our bed trying to stay awake. He was so entertaining that Joy and I were pretty reluctant to send him to his room.

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