Monday, July 26, 2004

Home improvement weekend

This weekend, Joy and I finally started painting our room. We'd bought the paint months ago, but the task of stripping away the pealing paint and prepping seemed pretty daunting. On Saturday, we finished stripping paint and applied one coat of primer. Our room smelled awful and since we had disassembled our Select Comfort bed, Joy and I slept on sleeping bags in the living room.

On Sunday we bought another can of primer and a new screen door. The old screen door had gotten warped and was falling off its hinges. For some reason, it had been installed in the molding, which is rotting away, rather than the door jam. We bought a vinyl door that matches the window frames our landlord had installed. Not only does it look good and require no maintenance, it was also easy to install. First you mount a bar with the hinges and then you mount the door to the bar. Easy.

Then Joy discovered why the previous door as attached to the molding. There isn't enough of a gap between the main door and the screen door for both to be closed at the same time -- the door knob is too long. There's no hurry to fix it, because I don't have a big enough drill bit to install the screen door's handle.

Tool of the week: paint roller with shield. (You'll have to roll down a bit if you follow the link.) I can't imagine painting a ceiling without it.

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