Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on BNS Holding

BNSIA has dropped to $10.50 a share from $12.75 just before the new reverse split procedure was announced last Friday. My guess is that 100% of the price cut is panic selling from people like me who bought shares for a quick cash-out. Most of us will probably not be cashed out unless the procedure is based on beneficial owners not shareholders of record.

Now my broker sent a message indicating that my shares will be cashed out sometime after the record date on August 2. Until then, I can't be sure that my shares won't be aggregated. So I'm pursuing another tact.

The letter I sent to BNS Holding on Friday resulted in a fairly quick response on Monday from one of the company's directors. This morning I was able to return his phone call and we talked about the situation for a few minutes. One of the good things about investing in very small companies is that you might actually have a chance to talk to principle people. Imagine trying to talk with a director of Oracle, for instance. At any rate, we had a good chat and the upshot is that I plan on sitting tight.

One thing this director mentioned is that the proxy that was mailed to shareholders was different than the one published by EDGAR. I don't really know how that happened, but since the proxy that was actually voted on contained language that allowed the company to aggregate shares, the SEC probably won't have a problem with the company's actions and disclosure. That's the bad news. The good news is that BNS Holding is aware of the issue and the director I talked to seemed willing to work on straightening it out. The bottom line seems to be that it's more trouble than it is worth to them to have a small disgruntled shareholder such as myself. (I can't decide if my letter was overly threatening or if that was one of the reasons it got noticed. If this situation happens with a different company, I plan to go easy for the initial contact at least.)

I should also mention, that holding on to the company wouldn't be a terrible bet. I haven't done a valuation, but company presentation at the annual meeting seemed very promising. This week represents the best and final opportunity to buy shares for a very long time. I'm mildly temped though I think it's just the lure of scarcity talking.

Once again, I think the key here is to not panic. I took a few moments to get my strategy in order and I acted in a way that kept my options open. I'm still 95% sure my shares will be cashed out sooner or later, but I would certainly have lost money if I'd immediately sold on Friday.

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Arbitrage Corner said...

Way to go, I've complaint to the SEC also, all shareholders should do it.