Thursday, July 19, 2007

Option expiration tomorrow

The call option against my Select Comfort shares expires tomorrow. Since the stock ended at $17.20, it must gain 1.7% tomorrow. Of the 1,685 trading days in my database, a little over a 1/4 have resulted in 1.7% or greater gain. So I must face the possibility that my shares will be called away. If so, the proceeds ought to be reinvested, though probably not in Select Comfort. My original thesis on selling the option remains intact and First Marblehead has gotten even cheaper.

The July option ended the day at 5¢ or essentially worthless. August $17.50 options ended at 70¢, so I may collect another nice premium next week if the shares are not called away. At this point Select Comfort is on a short leash for me, so I plan to continue selling options until the business improves.

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