Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I sold a call option on Select Comfort

I already mentioned my intension to sell a covered call option at $17.50 a share and today the order was filled at 45¢ a share. I sold July contracts and the underlying stock ended the day at $16.68. Over the next 31 days, there is a 42% or so chance the option will be exercised.

Odds of 4.9% or greated gain of SCSS over 31 days

The odds that I will break even are approximately 62%.

Odds of 7% or greater gain of SCSS over 31 days

It's important to note that I've only written an option for a portion of my holdings, which means I can still profit from price increases over the next month. I might sell another option at a higher strike or an option that expires later in the year. It's also possible that I will sell shares outright if their price jumps unexpectedly. On the other hand, I could have sold options more cheaply if I'd sold more contracts.

Is seems to me that Select Comfort is undervalued because of a convergence of events that management has some control over. At a recent Analyst Conference, CEO Bill McLaughlin pointed out that the current marketing campaign does a good job addressing the "need" portion of Select Comfort's message, but not the "solution" portion. He mentioned at least twice that consumers don't always know where to buy the Sleep Number bed, which I found a bit surprising. He also said that the housing downturn has had an effect on sales since Labor Day last year because people tend to buy beds when they move into a new house and because the "wealth effect" has been reduced. He also revealed that Select Comfort has seen significantly more cannibalization than expected when it expand from 100 Retail Partner Doors last year to 800 this year.

Fortunately, management has committed to fixing these problems and to borrowing cash to buyback shares. They have a significant amount of control over the marketing and distribution of their own product. Also, there was an announcement today of upgraded products, which gives me encouragement that R&D efforts are starting to pay off.

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