Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Buying Alberto-Culver (and trying to sell it too)

I can't say I know very much about Alberto-Culver. It's a consumer products company that mostly caters to women, and my wife doesn't use their products. My original thesis was that the spin-off of Sally Beauty would unlock value in Alberto-Culver. As far as I'm concerned that has already happened.

But, as it turns out, I just bought a faction of a share of ACV. Why? Because I've instructed my broker to reinvest dividends. If your broker offers dividend reinvestment as a free option on your account, there's no good reason not to buy some fractional shares of a company you already hold. Alberto-Culver's earnings yield is about 4.22% versus 4.85% that cash would earn. But remember, companies have the potential to increase earnings over time.

Meanwhile, I'm attempting to write a call option on the bulk of my holdings. I've got better ideas than Alberto-Culver at this point and I'm overexposed on this particular stock at roughly 11% of my IRA. But I'm not quite ready to sell outright. I like the dividend I'm getting, management seems very shareholder friendly, and I think a few acquisitions combined with cost-savings could push earnings up over the next year or two. So the middle ground for me is to write slightly out of the money call options until something drastic changes.

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