Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why I bought Eupa International

Eupa is using a reverse-split, going-private transaction as a lead-in to a merger with its majority shareholder, a Taiwanese company. Normally the merger would require some fairly expensive regulatory costs, but by executing a reverse split and suspending the reporting requirements (which require no proxy vote), those costs can be avoided. It seems to me the transaction is fairly safe now that the notice has been filed with the SEC since the benefits are fairly obvious and compelling.

I bought in at 35¢ and in a few weeks, I expect to get back 40¢ a share. This isn't the best profit (someone else bought at 30¢ later in the day), but it should be a fairly quick turnaround. One nice thing is that I was able to plow in my Pegasus cash which should result in an extra $44 gain.

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