Thursday, September 23, 2004

The most dangerous intersection in Pasadena

I like near the corner of Craig and Orange Grove, and it seems like once a month or so there's an accident there. Yesterday a couple of guys in a pickup hit a tree. The worst accident since we've lived here was a motorcylclist who was killed when he was hit by a car. My truck has been hit twice just parked on the street, and our neighbor's jeep was also hit while parked.

Most of the problem is that Orange Grove makes a little s-curve so that it can run a little further north. Drivers turning left onto south Craig or left onto west Orange Grove can't see cars on that curve until it's too late. Also drivers speed on both streets. Craig doesn't look busy, but since it goes under the freeway and past Colorado, it carries a lot of traffic south of Orange Grove.

I sent a request to the city to put in a traffic signal, which would help matters. I have some hope, since they did replace the stop signs with signals near the freeway on Craig. We'll see what happens.


Yesterday, less than 8 hours after I submitted a suggestion to through the Pasadena city website, the manager of the traffic engineering department wrote an email telling me a study would be finished around the end of next month. Apparently, some of my neighbors had already petitioned the City about it. Talk about a fast response!

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